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Winter Warmers and is Your Home ‘Hyggelig’?



As the days draw in, conversation in the office has turned to our favourite autumn dishes, and our winter ‘welcoming’ traditions – baking seems a key part of our lives at this time of year. For Claudia, lighting a fire in the early evening is her way to unwind and relax and a cake is a must have. Her current favourite recipe is a cherry and almond cake from Amy Wilcox Aga Baking, washed down with fresh ginger tea, mixed with lemon and greek honey.

When Caroline isn’t busy managing our retail sales she likes to make apple cake using apples from her garden. She also makes juice using the grapes from her vine and drinks it hot with slices of fresh lemon and ginger. How delicious. After being picked the grapes are washed, boiled and strained through muslin then boiled again. Once bottled this delicous juice (which requires no extra sugar) will last a couple of years.

Anna, our website manager’s go-to comfort dish is a chilli con carne – no set recipe but adapted according to what can be found in the cupboards and fridge. In addition to chilli she uses cinnamon which is a great warming spice and good if you have children who don’t like their chilli too hot. Always a big bowl in the centre of the table with lots of rice, sour cream and mashed avocado (and always a big hunk of bread).

Last, but by no means least, Charlotte, our wholesale manager and star baker rustles up Paul Hollywood’s delicous carrot cake recipe.

And what of the latest import from Denmark ‘HYGGE’? Claudia’s love of scandi food and design recently took her to Copenhagen, so her ears pricked up when she heard the wonderful Trine Hahnemann’s explanation of Hygge on Woman’s Hour. Trine describes Hygge as the way that Danes welcome friends into their home – they don’t say ‘How are you?’ at the door, they say ‘Come and have coffee’. She goes on to say

” It has nothing to do with buying things. If anything it’s home culture and about being together, sharing drinks and food, an informal and relaxing way of enjoying life. Hygge can also be at a nice cafe, then the interior would be kind of homely and we would say, this is a ‘hyggelig place’.”

So if it’s the warmth of the welcome you cherish, you can genuinely embrace the essence of Hygge – let us know how you share with your nearest and dearest. Recipes especially welcome!