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Though not the traditional time for a thorough spring clean, this autumn has seen a complete sort out, re-shuffle and tidy up of the Claudia Bradby collections. As a result we are excited to introduce three shiny new collections; Pearl Edge, Beachcomber and Essential Luxe. What we hope to have achieved with the de-clutter are three meaningful collections that represent the broad styles of pearl jewellery we offer to suit women of all ages and attitudes. Each collection has its own feel and personality but they get on tremendously well together and are happy to be mixed and matched! There were many discussions and ideas in the CB office over what to call them – we hope you like the results.

Essential Luxe: Focussing on the simple beauty of pearls, this collection contains many of the staple pieces of pearl jewellery that every woman should own. The versatile, contemporary designs are ideal for everyday wear and will bring a touch of low-key luxury to any outfit. Here you’ll find our bestselling ‘Essentials’ range, the popular Duo jacket earrings and a pair of pearl studs to suit every taste.

Pearl Edge: The strong, feminine designs of our Pearl Edge collection epitomise modern pearl jewellery. Clean lines and architectural shapes are used to create easy-to-wear, contemporary pieces with an urban feel. Statement earrings, stacking rings and layering necklaces are available in a choice of a choice of metal colours.

Beachcomber: Inspired by natural landscapes and the treasures of the seashore, our Beachcomber collection uses organic shapes and textures to create a laid-back chic collection. These pieces feature generous tactile pearls, hand cut semi-precious stones and smooth silver charms for a feeling of adventure and discovery.

These sit alongside the existing Couture collection of our very finest statement cultured pearls. We hope that our three new collections make it even easier to find your pearl style on our website.  Which of our new collections are you?

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