Sustainability – The Start of Our Journey

We have started looking at how we, as a small business, can operate sustainably.  And we are delighted to take our very first step with our membership of 1% For The Planet.

At Claudia Bradby, two of our core values are passion and kindness. We’re passionate about living life to the full channelling this into our handcrafted pearl jewellery. As well as this our values are all about being a company for good – we believe that businesses have a responsibility to have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we have chosen to partner with 1% For The Planet – where 1% of our annual turnover is actively managed for social and environmental causes.  You can read more about our membership here.

1% For The Planet

1% For the Planet was designed to help fund diverse environmental organisations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

Claudia was particularly attracted to the organisation due to their model of collective action, which proves we can accomplish more together than we can alone.  This is reflected implicitly throughout our work, but explicitly through the ‘stronger together’ sign on our Honey Bee coins.

bee inspired jewellery

The B4 Project

Inspired by our reconnection with nature in 2020, and Claudia’s own new beekeeping hobby, we are proud to support bee conservation and have partnered with The B4 Project for our first year with 1% For The Planet. This means that very single sale of our jewellery supports the conservation of the native UK honey bee.

The B4 Project is a Community Interest Company, based in Cornwall, representing a group of beekeepers whose aim is to protect the UK’s native honey bee, Apis mellifera mellifera. The purpose of the B4 Project is to conserve, protect and increase the population of Apis mellifera mellifera, the European Dark Honey Bee (EDHB), by the fusion of science and beekeeping.

In addition to our new 1% For The Planet membership – each bee coin in our honey bee range has been handcrafted using recycled silver. We will be moving towards using recycled silver in all our jewellery silver by the end of 2021.

We will keep you updated on further progress in this important area.