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Claudia Bradby Jewellery is fast becoming the go-to brand for modern, wearable pearl designs.

"Every woman should have some pearls in their wardrobe and I am passionate about designing jewellery that adapts this much loved material to how modern women live their lives today. Coco Chanel is a huge inspiration to me - her starting point of releasing women from the girdle and designing clothes that worked for the lives they wanted to lead, rather than how convention said they should live, resonates hugely with my design philosophy.

I feel as strongly now, as I did in 1999 when I first started designing, that beautiful, well made and thoughtfully designed jewellery, using real materials, doesn't need to break the bank. This initial inspiration has evolved into a strong collection of pieces renowned for showcasing beautiful, lustrous hand selected pearls, matched with modern and striking silver elements.

I hope you will find something within my collections that fits with your life and your passions, whether it be an all out pearl look or something with just a contemporary tone of pearl. We have many avid collectors worldwide, and I look forward to keeping pearls right up to date and relevant to the woman of today." 



To learn more about the pearls and stones used in Claudia's designs please visit our Stone and Pearl Guide.


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