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Renowned for our hand selected modern pearl designs, we also include a few very special stone and silver collections to complement our pearl ranges.

Q & A with Claudia

Q: Why did you start CB Jewellery?

A: Having been given a wedding anniversary gift that didn't really suit me, I realised I wasn't a very traditional jewellery person and I didn't want just one item of jewellery to wear every day, or indeed for dressing up/going out in. As I was living in Hong Kong at the time an image of pearls on  knotted leather fired my imagination and I set about designing some more relaxed designs, using real materials. I fell in love with pearls as a material. 


Q: What do you enjoy most about CB Jewellery?

A: Seeing someone walking down the street wearing one of my designs is always thrilling but customer feedback on how much they love and wear the designs, and how they add to their collections is very satisfying. Designing jewellery that women can buy for themselves or their friends, and that fits their lifestyle is incredibly rewarding.


Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I am very influenced by how we live our lives, and try to find jewellery that will fit every occasion. I like to design around a theme, be it a perfect summer's day by the beach, or an atmospheric evening ski. I love colour, shape and form and this informs all my designs. I am also obsessive about picking out the pearls we use that I can offer a far better quality pearl for our price that you would normally expect.


Q: What would be your top tips when buying jewellery?

A: Firstly, buy what you love. You may not find it again and cost per wear jewellery is brilliant value. Secondly, take a look at what jewellery you have, and see what might be missing. A core jewellery wardrobe would have a pair of pearl earrings, a pair of stone/coloured earrings, a good everyday chain with some interest - be it charms or movement, a long layering necklace that could be doubled up or worn as a bracelet, 3 - 4 bracelets that work on their own or stacked together,and one statement necklace.It's always fun to buy something when you're away on holiday as our emotional attachment to jewellery is very strong.


Q: Who inspires your style today?

A: I think I am influenced by strong inspiring women than any one person as I think style comes from within. However I am currently hankering after a deep blue tuxedo, probably inspired by Angelina Jolie. I don't have any one style icon, but I like laid back  chic.


Q: Do you have any fashion mantras?

A: Find out what suits you and keep it simple. You can transform a look with a single piece of jewellery, so invest in good accessories.


To learn more about the pearls and stones used in Claudia's designs please visit our Stone and Pearl Guide.


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